Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing

Commercial vinyl and terrazzo floors are great for resisting wear. They are also easy to keep clean. They would be perfect if they didn’t need to be protected with wax. Unfortunately, dirt gets ground into the wax over time, and stripping and re-waxing the floor becomes necessary. In addition, the was itself will yellow from exposure to light. A+ strips and waxes all types of commercial flooring, with professional equipment that will remove the old wax thoroughly. Then we’ll apply a new, high-durability wax to leave your floors clean and resilient for as long as possible.

We also take care to use the right products for your floor. Products that are great for vinyl floors are not the right products for terrazzo. Depending upon how your floor was sealed and waxed last time, different stripping chemicals may be required.

Facts About Your Waxed Floors

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    The first VCT (vinyl composite tile) flooring was revealed at the Century of Progress Expo in Chicago in 1933.

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    The factory finish is not enough. When your vinyl floors are originally installed they come with a thin coat of wax to protect it against minor abrasions while shipping. This thin coat will not stand up to commercial traffic.

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    You can tell when your vinyl floors need refinishing by looking at the high-traffic areas and comparing the shine to low-traffic areas. When you can see a difference, it's time.

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    Damage to vinyl floors is irreversible. Once dirt is ground in to the vinyl itself, or the vinyl is scratched or deeply scuffed, no amount of waxing will restore the appearance. It's always better to refinish your vinyl floors early than late.

Commercial flooring refinishing stripping and waxing

Professional Floor Stripping and Waxing

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    Like-New Shine

    With our multistep vinyl floor stripping and waxing service, we'll completely remove any old wax and sealer and replace it with a durable new coating that will make your floors look new again.

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    Modern wax finishes are slip-resistant. This was a problem in the old days, especially when floors were wet. A customer with wet shoes or boots was in serious danger of falling. While this can still happen, finished today are formulated to make this much less likely.

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    Minimal Disruption

    You've got a business to run. Wherever possible, we'll get your floors stripped and recoated outside of your business hours, and have you up and running again by morning.

    In cases where this just can't be done, either due to the size of the job, or security concerns, we'll divide the job into sections to keep the disruption as minimal as possible, while taking measures to protect your customers and employees while we work.

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    Longer Life

    Regular stripping and waxing will extend the life of your vinyl floors. While it's an inconvenience and an expense, it's far more expensive and disruptive to have your floors replaced.

A+ will leave your floors shining like new, with a professional result that will resist wear for as long as possible, while protecting you and your customers with a non-slip finish.

We follow a strict step-by-step process to guarantee the best possible result, and a long-lasting finish.

Our Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing Cleaning Process

The A+ Advantage

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Excessively damaged flooring can't be effectively cleaned and waxed.

We begin by inspecting your floor for damage or excessive wear. If not only the wax has been scraped off, but the underlying material has been worn down, we'll point this out to you and recommend that you have that area replaced.

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Workplace Prep

Safety First

We’ll set up signs if there is any possibility of customer traffic to the area, and cordon off the area. We’ll also place mats at our exit to the area for removing protective footwear so stripping and waxing materials won’t get tracked to adjacent floors. We also take steps to protect baseboards and walls.

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Materials Selection

Not all chemicals are safe for use on your floor.

If we’re in any doubt at all of the right stripper to use on your floor, we’ll test a small area first. Once we know we have the right stripper for the job, it’s time to apply the solution.

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We apply stripping solution with mops and then let it soak in for at least 10 minutes.

Floor stripping solution cannot be allowed to dry on the floor, or it will need to be re-applied. This is why we work in smaller areas on large jobs. Our commercial floor scrubber strips floors in record time. It’s equipped with a splash guard to be sure that stripping solution doesn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t.

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Stripper must be completely removed before waxing.

Once we’re satisfied that all the old finish has been completely removed, we’ll make a final pass with the scrubber with a squeegee attachment to clean up any remaining solution.

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The floor now needs to be thoroughly cleaned of stripping solution.

This is done with a mop, and clean water with a small amount of neutralizer added. It’s crucial to be thorough for this step. If any floor stripping solution remains on the floor, the new finish will not adhere properly. One or two final passes with nothing but clean water will be sure that your floor is ready for a new finish.

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Today’s floor waxes are harder and easier to maintain than ever.

Even so, it often takes 3 or 4 (2-3) coats of commercial floor wax to get the combination of shine and protection desired. We’ll assess after each coat and apply another if needed.

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Site Cleanup

Professional service to the end.

We take care to be sure that all of our equipment, rugs, and signs have been removed and your renewed floor is ready for use.