Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Our carpets are an essential part of our homes. Most of us remove our shoes in our home, and either walk barefoot or in socks. It’s a big part of the comfort that makes home, well, home. The place where we can relax and be ourselves. A+ CLEANING provides professional home and condo carpet cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan. Our technicians can make your carpet look and feel like new again,, but they can also remove pet stains and odors.


Facts About Your Carpet

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    Carpet weighs x4 times more in 10 years

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    Carpets contain x4000 more bacteria than toilet seat.

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    Filled with feet grease, grunge and bio-hazardous waste.

Advantages of professional Carpet Cleaning

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    Like-New Clean

    Hot Steam Deep Extraction technology removes 99.9% of dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria. At A+, we guarantee that our professional residential carpet cleaning service will once again make your home look bright, feel fresh and restore a healthy atmosphere.

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    Stain Removal

    Accidents happen. A single stain on an otherwise pristine carpet will ruin the look of the entire room. That red wine, coffee or stubborn piece of gum just sits there, taunting you. 

    Whether your carpet is stained by coffee, beverages, food, gum or other stubborn and hard to remove stains, call us to effectively remove them once and for all.

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    Allergen Removal

    Allergens are any substance, often a protein, that induces an allergic reaction. The biomatter trapped in your carpets is made up mostly of proteins. Walking on the carpet raises invisible clouds of these microscopic particles into the air where you and others in your home breathe them in. Kids can be especially sensitive to these particles and can suffer respiratory issues and colds that last longer and have more severe symptoms as a result.

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    Longer Life

    Much of the dirt that is in your carpets acts like an abrasive, wearing down the carpet fibers each time you walk on them. Removing this dirt will extend the life of your carpets.

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    Cleaner Air

    Dirt in your carpets also means bacteria. Bacteria produce waste products that smell bad. Even if you've become nose-blind to the odor, your guests haven't. Regular carpet cleaning improves the air quality in your home.


Not Just Cleaner – Newer Too!

All that dirt is also weighing down the individual fibers. This is part of the reason why your carpets lose their cushioning over time. While carpet fibers do eventually wear out, most carpets are made from very durable materials, despite their softness. These fiber materials are designed to leave air spaces between them, and it’s the elasticity of the fibers combined with the air spaces that make carpets soft. When the air spaces get filled up with dirt, the fibers can’t compress or spring back like they used to....


Replacing carpets is expensive and inconvenient. You need to pack up each room and either move the furniture out yourself, or pay someone else to do it. Regular professional carpet cleaning is a small investment that can save you big in less frequent carpet replacement. And of course, your carpets look, feel and smell newer, longer.

Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

The A+ Advantage

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Not all carpets, or cleaning challenges, are the same.

Wear patterns, damage, discoloration, and permanent stains are all factors in deciding how best to clean your carpets. We have a variety of cleaning solutions available and will pick the right one for the job. Different types of spot stains also require different solutions. For example, salt stains and food stains can’t be cleaned with the same agent.

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Our powerful vacuum can remove dirt that yours may not.

If you’ve not been in the habit of vacuuming your carpets at least twice per week, for a small additional fee we’ll give it a thorough vacuuming before we start. This is highly recommended, as the more loose dirt that can be removed prior to carpet steam cleaning, the better the final result will be.

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Stain Treatment

Most stains can be completely removed, while others can be dramatically diminished.

We can completely remove many stains, and dramatically lighten most others, however some stains cannot be removed. We will advise you on each stain in advance.  Charges depend upon the total number of stains. We have a variety of packages available

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Application of environmentally-friendly but powerful carpet shampoo.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are completely safe for kids and pets There is a ‘dwell time’ for each type of carpet and cleaning solution, to allow the solution to penetrate deep into the fibers for maximum effectiveness.

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Machine Agitation

Manual brushing is required in some cases to completely remove stains.

Some high traffic areas and stains will benefit from additional agitation by manual brushing, or brushing with a low-speed rotary scrubber. This causes the solution to penetrate deeper into the fibers, and the agitation helps to break up dirt particles.

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Your carpets have a big influence on the air quality in your home.

If your carpets have developed an odor over time, or if you just want the cleanest, freshest result possible, we offer optional deodorizing. All deodorizing chemicals are environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family, and there is a variety of scents to choose from including Cherry, Lemon and Fresh Breeze.

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Hot Steam

Hot steam extraction is where the magic really happens, lifting out ground-in dirt.

We use the highest quality residential carpet cleaning machines in order to extract as much dirt as possible from your carpets, without damaging them. Steam temperatures as high as 200°F applied with 200 to 500 psi (pressure depends upon carpets being cleaned) will not only clean but sterilize your carpet. Solution is then extracted with two powerful triple-stage vacuum motors.

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Long-lasting protection from future stains

For the longest-lasting result, and to extend the life of your carpets we recommended ScotchGuard™ carpet protector. ScotchGuard™ seals your carpet fibers so they repel dirt and stains.

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Carpet Cleaning Toronto

The Scary Truth About Your Dirty Carpet

Did you know that the average carpet weighs four times as much when it’s removed as when it was installed? Where does the extra weight come from? Dirt and dust are some of it, but not as much as you think. It turns out that humans shed! Not hair so much, although we do lose on average about 100 hairs per day...


Most of what we ‘shed’ is dead skin cells. Gross, right? It really is. A lot of the weight in old carpets is dead human skin cells. And all that rotting biomatter is why your home develops a musty smell after a while. It comes on so gradually that we don’t really notice it until it’s gone. Professional residential carpet cleaning from A+ removes the dirt, dust, hair and dead skin cells that make your carpet look dingy.

Cute puppy lying on carpet near wet spot

Kids & Pets

A single adult, or an adult couple, can usually keep their carpets (and their homes) fairly clean. But that isn’t the reality for most of us. Children and pets are welcome sources of chaos in our homes.

Kids spill drinks, drop food, and occasionally decide that it would be nice to build a sand castle in the living room. Pets track in dirt trapped in their paws, and most of them shed, adding pet hair and dander to the mix...


Did you ever wonder exactly what ‘dander’ is? Remember all those skin cells we humans shed? Same thing. All animals with hair shed dead skin cells. These microscopic bits of dead skin are called dander in pets, although it wouldn’t be inaccurate to use the same term for us humans. So even if you have a non-shedding breed, your pet is still depositing dander in your carpets every day.

Young woman using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet in the house.

How Effective Is Regular Vacuuming?

If you have carpets, then you have a vacuum and we’re sure you vacuum your carpets regularly. This is excellent. It definitely goes a long way toward maintaining clean carpets and a healthy environment. However, a dry vacuum can only remove the loose particles and hairs from the upper layer of the carpet...


If a vacuum had enough suction to remove dirt from deep in the carpet, it would also have enough to remove the fibers themselves! So while regular vacuuming will definitely slow the build-up of dirt before it has a chance to get ground in, over time dirt and other biomatter will build up. Only professional residential carpet cleaning can remove this dirt.