Residential Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning

The two highest value per square foot rooms in our homes are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Not just monetarily, but socially. We spend a lot of time in these rooms, and we generate a lot of dirt there as well. Cooking, grooming and bathing produce dirt and grime by their nature. No matter how fastidious we are, that dirt eventually finds its way into the grout around our tiles. If you have textured tiles or stone, it can also build up in the small grooves and ridges of the tiles. It’s frustrating that the two rooms we want to be the cleanest are the most susceptible to acquiring a layer of unsightly dirt. Fortunately, at A+ we have the professional tile and grout cleaning equipment to remove that dirt and make those rooms pristine again.

Facts About Your Kitchen & Bathroom

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    While ceramic tile is almost impervious, grout is not. Even sealed grout has microscopic pores that can harbor bacteria.

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    The most germ-laden room in your house is not your bathroom. It's actually your kitchen. Because we prep our food here, there's a lot of microscopic organic matter left behind, even after a good cleaning. And a lot of that ends up on our floors.

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    Ever heard of the '5-second rule'? It's the idea that germs take at least 5 seconds to transfer from the floor to dropped food. This is a myth. Germs transfer instantly upon contact.

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    Most people believe the dirtiest surface in their bathroom is the toilet bowl. Not true. It's actually the grout in your tiles. A lot of what's in there is urine and feces, though. It gets there from microscopic airborne particles that are thrown into the air when we flush the toilet.


Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

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    Like-New Clean

    Professional tile & grout cleaning, including Hot Steam Deep Extraction technology, removes 99.9% of dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria. At A+, we guarantee that our tile and grout cleaning service will once again make your home look bright, feel fresh and restore a healthy atmosphere.

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    Stain Removal

    While ceramic tile is impervious, grout and stone tile is not. 

    Whether your grout or tile is stained by coffee, beverages, food, gum or other stubborn and hard to remove stains, call us to effectively remove them once and for all.

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    Allergen Removal

    Allergens are any substance, often a protein, that induces an allergic reaction. The biomatter trapped in your grout is made up mostly of proteins. Since we often walk on our tile floors in bare feet, we can pick up these allergens and easily transfer them to our hands, to be in turn spread around the house.

    Kids can be especially sensitive to these particles and can suffer respiratory issues and colds that last longer and have more severe symptoms as a result.

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    Longer Life

    While cleaning your grout and tile won't directly affect the lifespan, most of the time when tile is regrouted it's because it became dirty. Regular cleaning can prevent this.

Our Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

The A+ Advantage

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Not all tiles can be safely cleaned with our equipment.

While all types of ceramic tiles and tile grout can be cleaned, the equipment we use is not safe for natural stone tiles. If you’re not sure, we are. We’ll inspect your tiles first to be certain that we can safely clean them, without any possibility of damage to the tile or grout.

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Sealant Remover

Old sealant needs to be removed before the grout and tile can be properly cleaned.

If the grout and/or tile has been sealed in the past, this sealant will need to be stripped before cleaning. We have a variety of environmentally-friendly strippers and will select the right one for the job.

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If necessary
If we detect any grease on your floor, we’ll advise the use of a degreaser to remove this film before cleaning the tile and grout.

Kitchen tiles especially are susceptible to grease buildup. The oil molecules get into the air and settle on the floor. While daily deposits are undetectable, over time, this can leave a layer of dirty grease on your tile and grout. If this layer is thick enough, it will not only act as a barrier to cleaning but can actually be pushed into the grout by the cleaning process.

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Grout Renewal

Grout can dull due to age and sun exposure. We can renew it.

Now that your grout is clean, it may appear duller than it did when it was first applied. This is normal, and happens to most grout as it ages. We can apply an optional low pH cleaner formulated to revive and brighten your grout.

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we use a commercial-grade rotary floor scrubber that will completely remove any dirt or remaining grease on your tile and grout

Combined with the right cleanser for the job, this step of the tile & grout cleaning process breaks up any dirt and remaining grease and suspends it in the cleaning solution for easy removal in the next step.

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Hot Steam

Steam cleaning tile & grout!? Yes. It’s by far the best way to completely clean your floor.

We use a commercial grade floor steamer equipped with two powerful triple-stage vacuums to ensure that your floor will be clean as new.

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The floor must be completely dry before moving on to the next steps.

We must wait for the tile and grout to dry completely before moving on to any of the following steps. Dry time will vary depending upon the grout, humidity, and temperature.

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The application of a sealant will protect your tile and grout in the same way that ScotchGuard protects your carpets.

While ceramic tiles are impervious, grout is porous, and dirt easily collects in these pores, sometimes in a surprisingly short amount of time. The sealant fills in these pores and tiny pits in the grout, not only repelling dirt but preventing it from getting trapped in the grout, so mopping will be more effective and your grout will stay looking clean and fresh longer.

your furniture needs to come clean with you!

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10 Sofas
23 Mattresses

if it does not

Our company provides professional upholstery and furniture (sofa, couches, chairs, etc.) cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan. With us your furniture will get a breath of new life and get rid of unpleasant odors and stains.


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Not Just Clean, but Healthy

It’s obvious that our kitchen and bathrooms need to be clean, not just because it looks nicer, but for health reasons. We all know that food prepared in a dirty environment can make us sick, and that the moist air in bathrooms provides a robust breeding environment for bacteria.

In our bathrooms, we tend to focus on the toilet as the most likely source of infection but in fact this is wrong...


Assuming that you clean your toilets regularly, they are not the area in your bathroom most likely to make you sick. Microscopic urine particles end up in the air when we use the toilet (yes, for ladies too, because most of it happens when we flush). These particles then settle over the next few minutes. Add to this other biomatter such as dead skin cells and hair, and of course the dirt we wash off when we shower or bathe, and the fact is that the worst of the dirt ends up on the floor.

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Ceramic Tile Is Impervious – But What About the Grout?

Ceramic tile is impervious. So as long as you’re cleaning your bathroom regularly you don’t need to worry about picking up something nasty just from standing barefoot on your tile. But what about the grout? Your bare feet are in contact with the grout too, and grout is porous...


Even sealed grout has microscopic chambers and pockets where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. All it takes is stepping on the grout, then brushing your feet off with your hands before getting in to bed, and you’re at risk for an infection. Stone tiles, even when sealed, are not impervious in the way that ceramic is, so if you have stone tile this is also a possible source of infection.

Professional tile and grout cleaning not only removes the dirt, but also the bacteria that can make you and your family sick.


The Heart of Our Home

For many of us, our kitchen isn’t just where we make our food. It’s the social center of our home. It’s where people congregate at a party, and family members cross paths in the kitchen far more often than in any other room of the house. Having a spotlessly clean kitchen isn’t just healthy, it’s also a psychological necessity...


The grout in our kitchen is easily the most difficult thing to keep clean. We drop and spill things more often in the kitchen than any other room of the house, and a lot of that dirt ends up staying in the grout. At A+ we have the professional tile and grout cleaning equipment to remove those stains and make your grout look new again.

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Your Picky Kids Aren’t Wrong

We all got over wanting dirt in our mouths at about the age of three. In fact, older children are the world’s pickiest eaters, which you know if you have kids. If there’s the slightest speck on their food or in their glass, they won’t touch it. But are they wrong? We develop this tendency toward insisting on our food being clean because we’re taught as kids that dirty food can make us sick...


So of course we want the room we make our meals in to be spotless. It assures us that our food is safe. Tile and grout cleaning doesn’t just remove the stains, but also the bacteria that comes with it, ensuring a healthier kitchen for you and your family.

In addition, many of us chose our home because of the kitchen, or spent a great deal of money and effort to get the kitchen we always wanted. It’s really the heart of our home, so we justifiably take great pride in it. Don’t let stained grout ruin your enjoyment of your kitchen and bathrooms. Call A+ for a professional tile and grout cleaning that will leave your grout looking new again.

your furniture needs to come clean with you!

01 Chairs
10 Sofas
23 Mattresses

if it does not

Our company provides professional upholstery and furniture (sofa, couches, chairs, etc.) cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan. With us your furniture will get a breath of new life and get rid of unpleasant odors and stains.


we make it come clean - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE