Residential Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Stained and dirty furniture?  A+ Carpet Cleaning has you covered. We can not only make your furniture look new and fresh again, but add years to the life of your upholstery with professional residential furniture and upholstery cleaning services. Why replace perfectly good furniture, when it can be steam cleaned and fresh looking once again, while saving you your hard-earned money.

Facts About Your Upholstery

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    The worst of the dirt on your upholstery isn't in the surface stains. It's in the stuffing. Liquids that get spilled on upholstery soak in, giving bacteria a chance to grow there.

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    Because upholstered furniture is designed to be 'fluffy', it traps air in the cushions. Every time you sit down, millions of germs and dust mites are blown into the air as the stuffing compresses.

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    Cleaning upholstery is a lot more complicated than most people realize. There is a wide variety of fabrics used, and they can all interact differently with different kinds of dirt and stains. If the correct cleaning process isn't used, it can actually make the situation worse, or even irreparably damage the upholstery.

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    After the house and the car, upholstered furniture is the third most expensive item that people buy in their lifetimes.

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    The average lifespan of a sofa is about 8 years. If there are 3 people in your home, and each of you sat on the sofa only once per day, that would be over 8,000 times the cushions have to compress and decompress.

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Advantages of professional Upholstery Cleaning

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    Like-New Clean

    Hot Steam Deep Extraction technology removes 99.9% of dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria. At A+, we guarantee that our professional residential upholstery cleaning service will once again make your home look bright, feel fresh and restore a healthy atmosphere.

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    Stain Removal

    Accidents happen. A single stain on that otherwise beautiful sofa or chair can ruin the look of the entire room. That red wine, coffee or stubborn piece of gum just sits there, taunting you. 

    Whether your upholstery is stained by coffee, beverages, food, gum or other stubborn and hard to remove stains, call us to effectively remove them once and for all. While we can't guarantee the removal of all stains, we can remove most of them.

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    Allergen Removal

    Allergens are any substance, often a protein, that induces an allergic reaction. The biomatter trapped in your upholstery is made up mostly of proteins. Sitting on the furniture raises invisible clouds of these microscopic particles into the air where you and others in your home breathe them in. Kids can be especially sensitive to these particles and can suffer respiratory issues and colds that last longer and have more severe symptoms as a result.

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    Longer Life

    Much of the dirt that is in your upholstery acts like an abrasive, wearing down the fibers each time you sit. Removing this dirt will extend the life of your furniture.

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    Cleaner Air

    Stains on your furniture, and especially those from spills that soaked into the stuffing, provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. These, in turn, produce bad odors. A deep steam cleaning will not only remove a lot of this soaked-in dirt but kill the bacteria and mites as well.

Our Residential Upholstery Cleaning Process

The A+ Advantage

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We conduct a thorough visual inspection of each piece of furniture to be cleaned.

We’ll check for excessive wear, damaged areas, discolorations, and permanent stains. This inspection ensures we pick the right solutions for the job. Different types of stains require different solutions. A solution that will remove one type of stain could actually make another worse!

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You vacuum your carpets, but do you regularly vacuum your upholstery?

We know we should, but the truth is that most of us don’t. If you haven’t vacuumed your upholstery regularly (or ever) it’s OK. We won’t tell anyone. But in these cases, we do highly recommend a thorough vacuuming before cleaning. The more loose dirt we can extract before steam cleaning, the better the final result.

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Stain Treatment

Most stains can be completely removed, while others can be dramatically diminished.

Unfortunately, some types of stains can’t be removed. We’ll do our best and even advise you in advance if it’s a stain we know we can’t get out. Paint and dye are good examples, as they permanently change the color of the fibers.

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Application of environmentally-friendly but powerful upholstery shampoo.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are completely safe for kids and pets. The solution needs to be allowed to soak before brushing. The type of fabric and the solution used will determine the ‘dwell time’.

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Manual Brushing

Manual brushing is required in some cases to completely remove stains.

Some stains and high wear areas will benefit from manual brushing, or a brushing with a low-speed rotary tool with a brush attachment. This causes the solution to penetrate deeper into the fibers, and the agitation helps to break up dirt particles. We use soft brushes guaranteed not to damage the fabric.

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Smelly furniture? Some odors can become trapped in the fabric.

If your furniture has developed an odor over time, or if you just want the cleanest, freshest result possible, we offer optional deodorizing. We become ‘nose blind’ to odors that we smell all the time, and especially pet odors. While you may not be able to smell your pet on the furniture, you can be pretty sure your guests can.

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Hot Steam

Hot steam extraction is where the magic really happens, lifting out ground-in dirt.

We use the highest quality residential upholstery cleaning machines in order to extract as much dirt as possible from the fabrics, without damaging them. Steam temperatures as high as 200° applied with 200 to 500 psi will not only clean but sterilize your upholstery. Solution is then extracted with two powerful triple-stage vacuum motors.

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Long-lasting protection from future stains

For the longest-lasting result, and to extend the life of your furniture we recommend ScotchGuard™ fabric protector. ScotchGuard™ seals your upholstery fibers so they repel dirt and stains.


Your Home Has A Human Infestation

Unfortunately, while household cleanliness habits are definitely beneficial, and will keep your furniture and carpets looking clean and new longer, there’s still a problem. There are humans living in your house.


Humans shed hair and skin cells. We sweat and deposit biomatter on the things we touch. We sneeze and spray more biomatter into the air where it settles on the furniture and carpets. No matter how diligent we are about our hygiene and habits, the fact remains that humans are, well, dirty...


Add kids and pets to the mix and it gets much worse. Even pets that are trained to stay off the furniture shed hair and dander. And kids, of course, are chaos in action. Food crumbs, spilled drinks, dirty hands and little shoes on the furniture can mean that lovely cream armchair that was brand-new six months ago when you bought it, is now covered in multi-colored stains. And that doesn’t even address the stains that may have come out of the children or pets.

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your furniture needs to come clean with you!

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if it does not

Our company provides professional upholstery and furniture (sofa, couches, chairs, etc.) cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan. With us your furniture will get a breath of new life and get rid of unpleasant odors and stains.


we make it come clean - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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Is Your Home Sick?

If you’ve read our section on residential carpet cleaning, you know all about the fact that we humans shed skin cells all the time. Then there’s all the other biomatter that we deposit every day. Micro-animals, such as dust mites, love us for this. We supply their food.

But of course, where these little unwelcome squatters have food, they also breed. The dust mites, in turn, produce their own bio-waste (yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking). That bio-waste then sits in our furniture and carpets. We get it on ourselves whenever we touch any porous surface such as upholstery, and it gets sprayed into the air too...


Your couch and chair cushions are designed to be ‘fluffy’. This is partly achieved by having them trap air. When we sit on the cushion, the air gets expelled and all that bio-matter, both human and from micro-animals, gets blown into the air that we breathe.


While home filtration systems can help a lot with this, you still got a really good dose when you sat down. And a lot of it just settles right back in again, waiting for the next time someone sits there.


The Obvious Reason For Furniture And Upholstery Cleaning

By now you’re probably saying something like, ‘OK, I get it. My furniture and carpets are dirty, even if I can’t see it’. But you’re probably reading this because of the dirt and stains you can see...


But no matter how diligent we are, accidents will happen, and furniture will simply start to look dingy as it ages.

At A+ we can remove most stains like they were never there, and a professional furniture and upholstery cleaning will brighten your furniture and make it look and smell new again.



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Common Stains That We Can Treat

  • pet stains and water stains
  • coffee
  • food and beverage spills
  • wine
  • gum, grease and tar
  • rust
  • blood, and other bio-hazards



  • pet stains and water stains
  • coffee
  • food and beverage spills
  • wine
  • gum, grease and tar
  • rust
  • blood, and other bio-hazzards