Environmentally Friendly

At A+ we believe that we all have a responsibility to care for the environment, and we take our part of that responsibility seriously. Not just protecting our planet, but your environment too. Your home or place of work should be not only clean, but safe. We use a variety of environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques that provide exceptional cleaning power while being non-toxic and non-allergenic.


Green Cleaning

Cleaning solutions need to be disposed of after collecting the dirt. Treatment plants can remove dirt and sterilize the water, but toxic chemicals are difficult if not impossible to remove. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to never use toxic chemicals that could harm you, your family, or the environment. We have over 50 eco-friendly cleaning compounds to choose from, so there’s never any concern that our commitment to protecting the environment will mean that the final result will be less than optimally clean.

Great progress has been made in recent years by manufacturers of cleaning solutions. Green alternatives have been found to harsh chemicals that used to be used in these products. Modern professional-grade cleaning chemicals contain only ingredients that are either completely non-toxic in the first place, or that are formulated to break down very quickly after use into environmentally safe molecules that will disperse harmlessly.

When you call A+, you can do so knowing that we’ll provide top-quality professional cleaning services that you can feel good about using, secure in the knowledge that we care as much about the environment as you do.


Environmental toxins are justifiably becoming an increasing concern. Until we realized a few decades ago what the long-term health impacts of these toxins could be, harsh chemicals were often used in our homes and offices. As a result, many people suffered puzzling health problems, or became more susceptible to illness.

Now that we know that even otherwise healthy people can be affected by even small amounts of environmental toxins, cleaning solution manufacturers have stepped up their game, producing compounds that are not only environmentally friendly, but completely safe for you and your family, kids, pets, employees and customers.

When you hire A+, you can be assured that the chemicals we use have been guaranteed by the manufacturers to be completely safe and hypo-allergenic.

hypoallergenic cleaning solutions

Our Promise to You and Our Environment

A+ will never knowingly use any cleaning product that will harm the environment or our customers. From carpet cleaning solutions to floor strippers to general cleaning compounds, all of our cleaning products must be guaranteed 100% safe, or we won’t use them.