Residential Water Damage Restoration

Disasters happen. Most of us wish they wouldn’t happen to us, but as the saying goes, ‘into every life a little rain must fall’. When that rain ends up in your home, A+ is here to help. We provide professional residential Water Damage Restoration Services and Emergency Water Damage Restoration throughout the Greater Toronto area.

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Rapid Response is Essential!

If water is entering your home, don’t wait. Call us right away. We offer 24 hour emergency service. Evenings and weekends, night or day, we’ll be there to minimize the damage.

Responding to water emergencies as quickly as possible is essential in order to reduce the long-term damage, expense and inconvenience as much as possible. Even a delay of a few hours can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster.

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Facts About Water Damage

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    Water damage remediation services are expensive. Flooring, drywall, and insulation all have to be replaced, and in some cases even the wooden studs.

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    Once all the water damage has been repaired, you’ll have to pay for a professional inspection to certify that your home is free of mold. Without that, you won’t be able to sell your home.

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    While mold can grow underwater, forming a mat on the surface that releases dangerous spores, humid environments are just as bad. The good news is that mold requires a certain minimum level of humidity to form. If the water is removed and humidity reduced below the critical level before mold can start, a great deal of trouble and expense can be avoided.

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    Severe water damage remediation can run into 6 figures. Even if you have insurance, your premiums are going to go up. Then there’s the amount of time you and your family will have to spend living somewhere else. It can be a real nightmare.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

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    Preventing Further Damage

    If water is still entering your home when we get there, we’ll do what we can to stop it. If that simply isn’t possible, we move straight on to removing the water as quickly as possible.

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    Water Removal

    We use powerful vacuums capable of removing water faster than it’s entering in almost all cases.

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    Once we’ve removed the water, we then dry out the air. As the air dries, water that has saturated drywall, carpets and flooring is slowly drawn out. This process requires training to do it right. If the outside air is still very humid, the area to be de-humidified needs to be properly isolated, so humidity leaves, but can’t get back in.

    The sooner your home is rid of the water and the de-humidifying process is started, the lower the cost of repairs will be, and the sooner you can enjoy your home again.

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Our company provides professional upholstery and furniture (sofa, couches, chairs, etc.) cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan. With us your furniture will get a breath of new life and get rid of unpleasant odors and stains.


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Emergency Water Damage Restoration

The rain has been falling for days, or an extra large snowfall is melting and the water is now entering your home. Whether it’s coming in through basement windows, foundation cracks, or streaming into your living room through a leak in the roof, you need help now!

Not only can this situation make your home unlivable, but removing the water as quickly as possible will reduce the damage, saving you money. Potentially, a lot of money...


Obviously water damaged areas in your home will need to be restored, but it gets much worse if the water is allowed to sit. If mold develops, you not only won’t be able to live in your house until it’s removed, but you’ll need to hire a professional remediation company. And here in the Greater Toronto area, we already live in a humid environment where some homes develop mold even without water entry.

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We Work With Your Insurance Company

Not all policies are comprehensive. Since water damage restoration can be extremely expensive, you want to be sure that everything we do is covered.

We'll coordinate with your insurance company to be sure that none of the final bill will land on your desk.


If additional services not covered by your insurance company are required, we'll provide you with an estimate up-front.