Residential Window Cleaning

It’s amazing how fast our windows get dirty. Kitchen windows especially seem to collect dirt at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t even matter how clean you keep your home, or how careful you are not to touch the glass or splash water on your windows. Rainstorms and wind will drive outside dirt onto your windows, leaving unsightly spots and reducing the amount of light entering your home. A+ provides professional window washing and window cleaning services to the Greater Toronto area.

Window Facts

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    Dirty windows don't just look bad. They can affect your heating and cooling bills. In winter especially, a clean window allows more sun in, adding ambient heat to your home.

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    The squeegee, used properly, is the most effective window cleaning tool. It's been around for a long time, too. The first recorded use was in Chicago over 100 years ago.

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    Window cleaning is still one of the most dangerous household jobs. Every year, there are hundreds of visits to Canadian hospital emergency rooms for falls from ladders, slipping on water spilled on the floor, and even the occasional accidental breakage of the window while cleaning.

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    The world's fastest window cleaner is Terry Burrows, from the UK. He set a Guinness Record in 2009 by cleaning 3 standard office windows in 9 seconds! We can't claim to be that fast, but we're confident that we're more thorough.

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Why Not Do It Yourself

If you’re reading this, you already know the answers. First, it’s dangerous, especially if you live in a two storey home, which most us here in Toronto do. It’s also difficult...


Not just physically demanding, but properly cleaning a window requires practice and the right equipment. So even if you’re willing to get up on a ladder and wash your own windows, you’ll likely be disappointed the next time the sun comes out. That window that looked clean in the shade may be covered with streaks and dirt that you couldn’t see at the time.

You’re also busy. Most of us just don’t have the time to look after these major chores ourselves.

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We Clean the Inside Too

While the majority of the dirt is on the outside, even in the cleanest of homes, dust settles on our windows over time and reduces the light that can get through. It gets worse in our kitchen, where airborne particles from cooking adhere to the glass as well...


Cooking oil is especially troublesome, as those particles build up into a greasy film. This film combines with the dirt and dust to create a hard-to-remove layer of, well, gunk.

We wouldn’t be doing your home much good if we only cleaned the outside. We even do hard-to-reach interior windows. That window above the stairs that hasn’t been cleaned since you moved in? We’ll clean it.


'Let the Sun Shine Through' Clean

Properly cleaning a window takes more than just Windex and a cloth. There is very definitely a right and wrong way. And the right way requires proper equipment...


This is why, when you clean your windows, they look clean – until the sun hits them. Then you see all the streaks. We know how to clean your windows so they’ll be ‘let the sun shine through’ clean!

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Environmentally Friendly

We think this is a clever double-entendre. All the chemicals we use will not harm the environment. Of course we need to dispose of the used water when we’re done, so we only use cleaning chemicals that break down quickly or are completely green to begin with. Waste water can end up in storm drains, and from there in our rivers. At A+, we care about our environment, and carefully research all the cleaning chemicals we use to be sure they are environmentally friendly...


Freshly clean windows are also good for your environment. We always enjoy our homes more when they are clean. Clean windows serve a double purpose in this regard. Not only do we not have to look at the spots and grime on the window, but more light enters as well. Daylight is important for our mental health, and especially for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The short daylight hours of the winter months are bad enough, without dirty windows limiting the light we get in our home.

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