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Area rugs can be especially frustrating to clean and to keep clean. Often they are placed in high-traffic areas where they accumulate dirt rapidly. This is good, because otherwise that dirt gets tracked through the rest of your home. But it’s also a problem. Entrance area rugs are often the first thing visitors see, and area rugs in other places in your home are there either for appearance or to add extra comfort. Dirt on these area rugs can be especially hard to clean. Sheepskin rugs don’t vacuum easily, if at all, and some higher-end rugs and rugs with tassels can even be damaged by a household vacuum.

We clean a full range of area rugs including Persian rugs, wool, silk and synthetic rugs.

Facts About Your Area Rugs

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    Contrary to popular belief, synthetic fibers are often less durable than natural, and may break down more quickly as a result of the abrasive action of embedded dirt particles.

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    Entrance area rugs wear out as much from exposure to water as dirt. For your entrances, consider using outdoor rugs. There are many attractive designs available, and outdoor rugs are designed to better withstand water.

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    Assuming the rug doesn’t have tassels or an extremely deep pile, like a sheepskin, these rugs will benefit from more frequent vacuuming than your wall-to-wall carpets.

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    For your higher-end rugs, in the case of a spill, don’t use a store-bought stain remover. These removers often contain harsh chemicals that will damage the fibers. Professional cleaning is the best solution.


Professional Rug Cleaning

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    We offer free pick up and drop off. We’ll take your rugs away and bring them back looking clean and fresh, with no effort on your part.

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    Stain Removal

    Area rugs are often made of fibers that are less resistant to chemicals than your wall-to-wall carpets, and they require special care when removing stains. The pros know how to do this right, without damaging the rug.

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    Healthy Rugs

    Area rugs are often subjected to either boots and shoes, or bare feet. Both are sources of bacteria that can make contact with the rug a source of infection, especially for kids.

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    Longer Life

    Dirt particles trapped in the rug act like an abrasive, wearing down the fibers. If it’s a cheap entrance rug from Walmart, you can just replace it, but higher-end rugs are an investment in your home. Having them professionally cleaned will extend their life.

    Even a small area rug can potentially hold several pounds of dirt, especially entrance rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

The A+ Advantage

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Pre-Wash Inspection

Each rug is carefully inspected to be sure the proper cleaning process is used.

Different fibers and stains require different treatment. Rugs are inspected under special lighting. Stains may be covering dye variations, fiber staining, prior dye bleeding, and worn areas or knots that are only revealed after cleaning.

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Removal of loose dirt and dust to facilitate deep cleaning.

While we're sure you vacuum your rugs, we do a pre-vacuuming anyway. The more loose dirt and dust we can remove prior to washing, the better the final result will be.

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Vacuuming and ‘Dusting’

Rugs are hung from a rack, and both sides are vacuumed. Dusting is then performed with a ‘dusting’ machine, which uses harmonic sound waves to drive soil out of the rug without damaging the fibers.

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Spot Treatment

Chemical spot treatment for hard-to-remove stains

Any stains revealed by the previous steps are treated with appropriate solvents, which are then allowed to ‘dwell’, in order to loosen them before washing.

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Full submersion hand washing

Rugs are washed in a tub of cool water, with a mild shampoo. The solution is very similar to what you would use to wash a wool sweater, loosening and lifting dirt without risk of color change or shrinkage.

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Fiber Guard

Long-lasting protection

Just as we use ScotchGuard on your carpets and upholstery, your area rugs will benefit from a fiber guard treatment. This will protect them from future spills, wear and fading from sun exposure.

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An Investment in Your Home

Area rugs have been beautifying homes for thousands of years. They were one of the original ‘luxury items’ and highly desired for the color and warmth they can add. They were also very expensive, as each rug had to be hand-made on a loom. The artistry involved took years to master, and the resulting rugs were considered works of art in their own right. The most expensive rug ever sold was a 17th Century Persian Carpet, which was purchased through Sotheby’s for $33 million...


We’re pretty sure you don’t have any million-dollar Persian rugs, but your area rugs still represent an investment in your home, and high-end rugs today are still hand made, with prices to match. At A+, we treat your area rugs with the care they deserve, and promise to bring them back clean and fresh, so they can go on warming your home for years to come.

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